What Shannon’s Clients are saying….

​​Shannon’s treatments have been a lifesaver for my son. At age nine, he was having frequent headaches and occasional migraines.

The week before he first saw Shannon he had a headache every day. After the first session, he felt immediately better. I could see his body relax during the treatment. After only a handful of sessions, he announced that he was “cured” of headaches. He could feel the difference in his own body.

We’ve been thrilled with the results. My son enjoys his sessions with Shannon so much that he reminds me when it’s time for a tune-up. Her techniques are gentle and needle-free. Her manner is calm and wise and loving. ​She also taught my son some breathing exercises and visualizations, which have been extremely helpful. ​

I have been recommending Shannon to all my friends with children. She is such a gift, we feel so grateful to have her as a family helper. I highly recommend Shannon’s healing work. She’s amazing!”
– Liz

“Shannon is one of the most caring and insightful practitioners I now. Her calm demeanor, gentle technique and intuitive treatments deliver results. After my car accident, I had neck and back pain, which have been resolved since working with Shannon. A surprising side effect was that I always leave the treatments feeling a general sense of wellbeing. I greatly trust in Shannon’s abilities to treat the whole person. Thank You Shannon!” – Aram