Children & Teens

Kids Love Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

Holistic Medicine has safely helped children for thousands of years. It is a gentle and effective treatment method appropriate for the prevention of acute and chronic conditions. Holistic Pediatric healthcare is an important part of keeping our children strong in body, mind and spirit.

Needle Free for Children

When treating children, various modalities can be used until they are ready to try acupuncture, including Colorpuncture (a non-invasive style of using colored lights to stimulate acupuncture points), electro pointer (painless stimulation device that is used instead of needles, Japanese style non insertive acupuncture techniques, cupping, moxa, essential oils, shiatsu (a massage technique), reflexology, herbal therapy and diet therapy.

Discover the benefits of our many needle-free options here.

Children benefit from the curative and holistic nature of Natural Medicine. Most often we see children’s vitality and spirit blossom more quickly than we had hoped for, bringing a balanced nature to their lives.

What can acupuncture treat?

Bronchitis, allergies, cough, colds and flus

Infant colic

Constipation and diarrhea

Food sensitivities and allergies, stomach pain, irritable bowel and colitis

All skin rashes, Eczema, shingles, dermatitis, insect bites, acne

Headaches and Migraines

Learning problems – difficulty concentrating, cognitive function

Supports hormonal changes in teens in both boys and girls

Sports injuries

Anxiety, depression, nervousness

Supporting those with special needs is an important part of my practice

I guide parents and individuals on how the acupuncture and needle free modalities support the body, by helping to strengthen low tone, boost the immune system, recover from surgery, or improve cognitive function. This style of medicine can be successful in helping your child develop to the best of their abilities.

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