Laura Anderson, LMT

Receiving body work is a meaningful way for us to care for ourselves on many levels.

My intention is to provide a setting for you to cultivate balance within body, mind and spirit. A greater sense of well-being is available to us when we give our mind permission to take a break and allow the stillness of being to arise from within.

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2002 I spent a year on Maui and fell in love with yoga, massage, and energy work. In 2005 I graduated from Heritage College with a technical Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage which focused on medical massage. I received Pre/Post-Natal massage training during this time. In 2010 I began my Thai massage training. I have 195 hours studying Thai massage and completed a 7 month apprenticeship under Nephyr Jacobsen. My areas of expertise include the shoulders, hips, and neck. I have experience treating sciatic nerve impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpel tunnel symptoms, and tension headaches. For clients who desire using massage to compliment other therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, etc., I have experience working toward a common goal. When requested, I can offer breath/meditation techniques, and stretches/exercises to bridge the gap between massages. You can choose between the Western and Eastern massage experience.

Thai massage is profoundly relaxing and extremely effective for addressing the physical balance of the body. This Eastern style massage is done on a mat rather than a table and calls for the receiver to wear loose fitting/stretchy clothes. Techniques include deep compression, facilitated stretching, and line and point work to help alleviate pain and tension and promote postural alignment.

For a Western style table massage I blend therapeutic Swedish with neuro-muscular therapy. This combination can be firm or gentle depending on your preference. Adding hot-stones to a treatment is wonderful for helping with relaxation and is also a great way to prepare tight muscles for deeper work. The Western style oil massage is nurturing, grounding, and good for calming nerves. Pregnant women receiving this massage will lay on their side for most of the time, and then face up on the table at the end. We have lots of pillows and bolsters to help you feel comfortable and supported.

I warmly invite you and look forward to supporting you toward greater health and harmony.

​OR License # 17132