Jennifer Lovejoy, LMT

How can we reside in the precious vehicle of the body, our own piece of earth, to be more connected and awake? How can we live our passion, be present with our heartbreak, bring forward deep listening, and develop a true understanding of global interconnectedness? I would love to explore these (and many other) questions together.


Presencing is a way of allowing our body to show us where we need to pay attention so that we can meet our lives and ourselves more fully. It is a way to show up to our own wisdom and allow it to guide us through our old patterns, our old habits and into a more integrated self.


Connecting to life through a friendly and harmonious relationship with our bodies can bring a radiance to our health and living. Allowing ourselves to be connected to our sensations, our aliveness, our deep connection to all living beings brings forward our passion for life. Developing our sensitivity and listening, we constantly find ways to bring greater integration to our own being.


Having confidence in our own resilience breeds ease and deep grounding. We can meet life with our passionate and open hearts and know that we can be with whatever life has in store. This ease changes our relationships to others, to our bodies and to the world around us.

Through Soma Structural Integration work, (which focuses on the medium of structure and particularly fascia), or through the practice of embodied presencing, (which focuses on bringing home the parts of ourself that have been isolated and disowned so we can live the fullness of our being), or a blending of the two, I look forward to the possibility of exploring your uniqueness together. You may arrive here because of a chronic pain, an emotional stuckness, a desire for more joy, a readiness to develop refinement. Wherever our starting point, we willl be embarking on an exciting journey together.

Over the years many modalities have contributed to my current practice…I have studied classical horsemanship, the Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Kundalini Yoga, Terrain of Essence, Passionate Ease, and many other embodied meditation and movement practices. I am an Advanced Certified Soma Structural Integrator with a BA in Human Ecology.

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