Brooke March, LMT

I very recently moved to Portland from Richmond, VA, where I practiced massage for 13 years. I consider myself a healer of the heart and guide all my work based on my own experience and connection to my own vulnerability.

I welcome all types of people in all walks of life and in all stages of awareness. I help humans thrive by being compassionately present as a witness and energy facilitator. I offer a safe space to come back in to the body and the heart. To rest, reconnect, reset, and regroup. I intuitively help bring back the full expression of self and comfort the human incarnate while guiding the soul journey.

I offer therapeutic body work sessions with a focus on deep tissue work and integration of body and soul. I want bodies to feel safe so that they may release and relearn ways of being that are most effective for each person.

I offer flower essence sessions, primarily using the essences created by Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire. My personal relationship with flowers began as a small child, gifting my mother with fistfuls of roses I’d borrowed from the next door neighbor’s backyard. I’ve always been deeply drawn to flowers of all kinds and in all ways – their shapes, colors, smells and textures. But most of all, I’m still drawn to how they make my heart feel. This great love informs my work with the essences. More mystical and emotional than scientific, my approach attempts to soften the influence of the mind and use it in service to the body and heart. Clients feel the joy that is channeled through me as I work with these amazing medicines.

Part therapy and part play, sessions are usually guided by a client’s personality and requests, but I also go where the energy flows. I use kinesiology/muscle testing as a means to get to the heart of the matter as well as my own intuition with the flowers. Together, we create a blend that the client can use in the following days/weeks. The essences have proven to help everything from changing small daily habits or thought patterns to moving mountains of trauma and grief stuck in one or all of the bodies. I encourage clients to be open to the possibilities!

I also offer facilitation of Angelic Sekhem Seichem Reiki energies. These sessions are unpredictable in their flow, but can be so healing, nurturing, and supportive. I guide energies into clients’ awareness and we follow it from there, all centered around bringing in Love, Love, Love. Working closely with these energies has changed my life and I love the collaborative effort. Active receptivity is key and supports the sovereignty and evolution of each person in their own healing.

Please contact me directly for an appointment:

OR LMT 24494
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